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Small bug

This application reminds me WinMerge. This app is great.

good graphical tool , but lot of errors

I use this tool just to compare a file with another : the counter of differences is completely wrong ! Option to display only different or identical lines doesnt work . The same for show left/right only. Merge option also doesnt work should be tested more !


This tool works 100% as expected. I tried several others, all had their own disadvantages. Also great that I can drag/drop files from xcode directly to the file paths fields. Thanks guys!

Excellent !

Really a great tool that saves me a lot of time (and some serious headache :-) )

Good for folder diff, not good for source code diff

I like the folder diff white the whitelist of compared files, but a blacklist feature would be great. Sourcode diff is not so good, because you see also the changed line. In other tools you see the changed characters in the changed lines. I would love this feature, or…i need this feature to work with this tool :-( My last point is, that i would love to configurate the used colors of diffed lines or similar points :) thanks and cheers

All or nothing

Apparently, there is no way to merge selected changes - just all or nothing.

Very Nice and Addicting

Have been using this application for many years since it came out. Can recommend it to anybody.

Good but

I’m missing a functionality to print the differences to a pdf file and a printer

Does exactly what it should

This app does a great job visualizing the changes betweeen files: its fast and efficient. I previously used WinMerge and this is very similar.

Works very well...

I used to develop on Windows and used the amazing tool WinMerge. Then as I shifted my development to OSX I needed a WinMerge like tool. You would think it would be easy to find. Ha! I downloaded tools like DiffMerge, but realized it only allows single direction merging (making it quite useless). Other tools that I tried dont allow directory merging. Compare merge does what it is supposed to, and hence my choice for merging code.

If you like WinMerge then you will like this

I don’t think that it’s a perfect app, but it’s enought for a developer. Don’t forget that it’s price is good :D 很朴素的一款文件比对工具,但是该有的功能都有了。使用上也很方便,类似 Win 下的 WinMerge。不到5美元的价格应该算很超值了。推荐。

It’s Great and I don’t even use the Image Compare Feature!

It’s the perfect tool for comparing code. Especially in different workspaces. The Keyboard Short Cuts rock! Alt+Arrow keys to move to the next/previous difference. Here’s a tip. Get the merge caller utility. Then you can call it from the Bash Shell. From Eclipse you can Configure an External Tool entry for it. Location: /bin/bash Arguments: -c exec mergecaller "${selected_resource_loc}" "/Users/<you>/OtherBranch/Project${resource_path}”’ Voila! Instant ability to check the state of the other Branch! It’s a great Developer Tool. Nice Work Tien!

problem when upgrade to osx 10.9

it took more time to compare file and sometimes failed (frozen)

Do CompareMerge support command line to run from xSVN??

This app is an easy-to-use compare/merge app. Thank you very much. For more useful, could you support command line for CompareMerge app? I need do compare from 3rd App (Exp: source control client xSVN) by call command line.

Doesnt always find duplicates

Bought this to find duplicate photos on my disk. Unfortunately, while finding some duplicates, it missed most others. Specifically, if you have lots of subfolders on the left and one folder on the right, it doesnt pick up the duplicates in the subfolders, even if you check the box to tell it to also compare subfolders and limit the checking just to filename and size. Narrow down the left to one folder and it finds them--but that rather defeats the object…I want the app to find them in the first place! Also crashed once. Didnt try the editing feature on text files. Perhaps its good (hence 2 stars).

Is it it?

Maybe we finally got our WInMerge for Mac? Trying it out. First thing I noticed: Compared two folders full of videos….. App freezed at file 1 of 500. Just use “quick” option for folders. Developer, enable it by default for folder comparison. You can’t compare videos byte by byte.


It helps me a lot! Very quick, very simple to use! Thanks, it works!


I used to windows base app for while during my field services but I need to on my Mac and perfec companion to compare console log my cisco etc for network log… simple and great app!


Thank you for this app: it is just what I needed. I was able to figure out how to use it immediately. However, Ive had some experience with Beyond Compare, so Im not a complete noobe. It might be a good idea to provide a short Help section when you have time. Still, this app is awesome as it is. Great job! One problem for you might be visibility in the App Store. When I searched for "Merge Files" and "Compare Files," your app didnt show up. It DOES show for "File Merge" and "File Compare." I dont know how you control that (maybe wording in your description?), but it would be a boost for your sales if you can get your app in the list for all of those terms.

Still some way to go before I trust the results.

Great start but more work required. The results I got from this tool were misleading if not plain wrong. Not clear where the support on the support page is available either.

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